Trout Release Day for Beecher Students!

Trout Release Day for Beecher Students!
Posted on 05/23/2022
Trout Release Day for Beecher Students!We learn in school that everything is connected, from birds, insects, fish, dirt, and trees to our pets, our food, and ourselves. But to really understand how absolutely interconnected all life forms in an ecosystem are, it helps to experience those webs first-hand, inside and outside the science classroom.

Mr. Maloney’s fourth graders from Beecher took a walking field trip to the Chemung River today for a culminating activity after a year-long “Trout in the Classroom” activity sponsored by Catherine Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Today was trout-release day for our Beecher ecologists! Since October when the trout program began, students have participated in this hands-on science project by helping to care for cold-water trout aquariums with eyed-eggs in school.

Throughout the year, students have witnessed the amazing transformation of a trout’s lifecycle and have gained an understanding of the chemistry behind maintaining a healthy ecosystem. These trout eggs grew to small fish and were ready for release today!

Hands-on stem learning is important all year long! Thanks to our partners for making this program possible.