School Budget

Budget Vote Preliminary Results | 2023-2024 Budget Proposition (as of 9:15 p.m., May 16)

Voters in the Elmira City School District approved one proposition and elected three candidates to school board seats. ALL RESULTS ARE PRELIMINARY FIGURES | Official Election Results will be certified on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

Proposition #1: Approval of the District’s proposed 2023-2024 General Fund Budget of $147,018,971: Passed/Not Passed

Yes = 573, No = 175

School Board Preliminary Results

Voters also elected three candidates to serve on the Board of Education.

Three seats are for three-year terms, which will run from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2026. Three opens seats go to candidates who receive highest number of votes:

Kellie Lowman = 535
Sara Lattin = 525
Christopher Denton = 485
Michael Thomas = 378

2023-2024 Annual School Budget Vote, Board Election Information, and Budget Hearing

May 9, 2023 at 5:00 PM | 
Budget Hearing

The Budget Hearing will be held in the library of Ernie Davis Academy located at 933 Hoffman Street in Elmira.  

May 16, 2023 from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM | Annual Budget Vote and School Board Election

School District voters residing North of Chemung River (including residents of the Lowman area) vote at Ernie Davis Academy located at 933 Hoffman Street.  School District voters residing South of Chemung River (including residents of Golden Glow area) vote at Elmira High School located at 777 S. Main Street.

What is on the Ballot?

Proposition 1 | Approval of Budget

RESOLVED, that the proposed $147,018,971 General Fund Budget of the Elmira City School District, Chemung County, New York for 2023-2024 be approved in accordance with Section 2022 of the Education Law and that the balance of said budget, after applying public monies thereto, be raised by a tax upon the taxable property of said district.

0% Tax Levy Increase -- This is the 4th consecutive school year of 0.00% proposed increase to the tax levy. Elmira City School District has been able to sustain operations without imposing an increase to property taxes since the 2020-2021 school year. We are pleased to share with the community that again in the 2023-2024 school year there will be no impact to taxpayers within the proposed budget.

>>Download the full 2023 Spring Budget Newsletter here (.PDF)

>>Download the 2023 Budget Book here (.PDF)

2023 Spring Budget Newsletter  2023-24 Budget Book

Board Member Election

Three (3) seats on the Board of Education are to be filled at the Annual Budget Vote and School Board Election to be held on May 16, 2023. The three (3) candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to three-year terms. Four candidates are running for three available seats; Christopher Denton, Kellie A. Lowman, Michael Thomas, Sara J. Lattin.

Please find information below on the four candidates running for three seats. Per election requirements, candidates are listed in the order based on drawing for ballot position.

The below information has been provided by each candidate:

Christopher Denton      

Christopher Denton

Education Summary:
Dartmouth College B.A. 1972 graduate
Syracuse College of Law K. D., cum laude, 1977 graduate

Career Summary:
Practicing attorney and former adjunct professor of law at Corning Community College and Elmira Business Institute.
Prior community education partnerships with Cornell Cooperative Extension and Farm Bureau.
Coached local youth and junior hockey teams.
Served on Houses of Delegates of NYS Bar Assoc.,
Boards for Chemung Humane Society, SPCA and YMCA. Founded the first landowners’ coalition in NY and co-founded Atlantic States Legal Foundation.
Served 2 years in the U.S. Army.

Why I want to serve on the Board of Education:
A civilized society can only exist when the dominant social force in a community is the love of learning. Education is the process by which we nurture and honor that love. As a board member, I will do everything necessary and appropriate to assure that the Elmira City School District nurtures and honors that love of learning.
Kellie A Lowman  

Kellie A. Lowman

Education Summary:
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (1997)
Master’s Degree in Education (2011)

Career Summary:
US Navy (Honorable discharge 1991)
US Post Office (1993-1998)
Chemung County Social Services (1998-Present)
Elmira College (2015-Present)
*Recipient of the Elmira City School District Community Improvement Award (2015-2016)

Why I want to serve on the Board of Education:

I want to be part of the school board to support the vision of the district, board and parents. My goal is to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure continued quality learning for all students. I believe in the Community Schools model and will work to support and uphold the goals and values of this model for the success of each student.
Michael Thomas  

Michael Thomas

Education Summary:
Williamson Jr Sr High School (1982-1985)

Career Summary:
US Navy (1985-1989)
Elmira City School District (1989-2022)

Why I want to serve on the Board of Education:
I would like to stay involved in the community.
Sara Lattin  

Sara J. Lattin

Education Summary:
SUNY Empire State College
SUNY Corning Community College
Southside High School

Career Summary:
Chief of Staff for NYS Senator Tom O'Mara
Executive Secretary for NYS Senator George H. Winner, Jr.
Legal Secretary for Attorney George H. Winner, Jr.

Why I want to serve on the Board of Education:
I’m seeking re-election to the Elmira City School District Board of Education because I value the important role that board members serve for the district and the community. I have always been guided by the overriding priority that providing our students with a sound education in a positive learning environment is the foundation for the success of their futures. I have learned a great deal serving on the ECSD BOE since 2009, including the tough challenges that board members face when balancing fiscal responsibility while providing the resources needed to maintain state of the art programming opportunities for our students.

Who is an eligible voter?

Registered to vote in general elections
• A resident of the District for at least 30 days preceding the election
• At least 18 years old on the date of the election
• A U.S. Citizen

Click here for further details.

Absentee Ballots Application and Vote Processes

The ECSD mails absentee ballots to voters listed as ‘permanently disabled’ by the Chemung County Board of Elections. Other registered voters who cannot get to the polls on May 16, 2023 may also vote by using an absentee ballot. Please follow the three step process below in order to vote by absentee ballot:

1.  Complete an Absentee Ballot Application

Voters wishing to vote by Absentee Ballot must complete an Absentee Ballot application. Absentee Ballot applications can be picked up at the Administration Offices of the Elmira City School District temporarily located in Alumni Hall on the campus of Elmira College.  >>Download/view a directional map here.

Applications must be received by the School District Clerk by May 9, 2023 for the Ballot to be mailed to the voter (7 days prior).

2.  Obtain an Absentee Ballot through the District Clerk at the Elmira City School District

Once the Absentee Application has been approved, voters will receive an absentee ballot from the District Clerk.  This ballot will include all resolutions included in the 2023-2024 public vote and shall be returned to the District Clerk no later than 5 p.m. on May 16, 2023. 

3. Vote and Return Absentee Ballot to the Elmira City School District Administration Offices

Voters who have completed and returned an application in exchange for an Absentee Ballot are required to return the completed ballot back by 5 p.m. on May 16, 2023. A secure Drop-Box is located at the main entrance of the District office building (temporary located at Alumni Hall on the campus of Elmira College  >>directional map).

Returning by Mail: Ballots should be mailed back to District Administration Offices by 5 p.m. on May 16, 2023. Absentee ballots mailed to voters include a prepaid return envelope.

Returning In-Person: Voters can drop-off their ballots in-person by 5 p.m. on May 16, 2023 at the Administration Offices of the Elmira City School District temporarily located in Alumni Hall on the campus of Elmira College. Please find a secure Drop-Box at the main entrance of Alumni Hall.   >>Download/view a directional map here.

Budget Presentations to the Board 

>Budget Hearing, May 9, 2023
>Presentation to the Board of Education, March 22, 2023
>Presentation to the Board of Education, April 12, 2022
>Presentation to the Board of Education, April 19, 2022