Dental Health Services

New York State Education Department requires all students to have a dental exam (as well as a physical exam) as follows:

-All new entrants - all PreK or Kindergarten students, all students who attend school in this District for the first time at Kindergarten or any other grade
-All students in grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11

As with the health exams, dental exams performed on or after Sept. 1 of the year before the child enters the District or the mandated grade, or later, may be used in any of the mandated grades. The school nurse must have documentation of the exam on the state-approved dental certificate form or other official documentation from the dental office. We cannot accept a parent's report of an exam or jotted note from the dentist saying only that student had one.

Click here to download the blank dental certificate form. Your school nurse can also provide this form. Your dentist also probably has the appropriate form.

In-School Dental Services for Students Available

Our comprehensive Community Schools programming offers Dental Health Services, available to students of the Elmira City School District. A portable dental equipment is easily and quickly set up in our schools and includes a Dental chair and light, Dental delivery unit with air and water outputs and Sterilization equipment.

Enrolled students will be seen by a dental professional from Mosaic Health Community Dentistry during their school day. If your child needs follow-up dental care and you do not already have a dentist, we will send home a referral list of providers in your area or they can become a patient at any Mosaic Health location. In fact, we can treat your entire family for all your primary care and dental needs.

How Do I Enroll My Child?

Registration packets are distributed to each child in the school. The school nurse also has registration packets for Community Dentistry. In order for your child to be treated, a registration packet needs to be completed. The registration includes a health history form for your child because oral health is directly related to overall wellness.

Download and Complete a Registration Packet

Mosaic Health Community Dentistry (Download the Brochure) is a program that has been providing school-based dental services since 1995. It focuses on prevention and education in urban and rural areas in New York State and those underserved by dental providers. If your child does not have a dentist or dental insurance—or if it is difficult for you to get them to appointments due to transportation, work schedule, or lack of funds—Community Dentistry can provide your child with much needed dental services.

In one school year, our Community Dentistry teams have served more than 45,000 children across nine counties in New York. Each student enrolled in the program receives a free dental screening, toothbrush, and floss. The Community Dentistry team will also teach your child how to floss and brush their teeth the right way, what snacks are the healthiest, and how plaque and decay form. Other services that you, as the parent/legal guardian, may request are:

• Dental exam by a pediatric dentist
• Dental cleaning
• Fluoride treatment
• Dental sealants (if recommended)

Have Insurance?

We welcome patients with major/private insurance coverage, as well as:

• Medicaid
• Fidelis/Dentaquest
• Child Health Plus
• Healthplex
• Essential Plans

Don't Have Insurance?

Mosaic can help. Students who don’t have insurance or don’t have enough insurance coverage may qualify for the Sliding Fee Discount Program, which is based on your current household size and income. No child will be turned away—Community Dentistry will see any child enrolled by their parent/legal guardian, regardless of their ability to pay.