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Welcome Families! Are you registered for our Parent Portal? Parent Portal provides you important information on your student's academic schedule, grades, attendance and more.

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The Schooltool Parent Portal is one of many ways to keep in touch with your child's academic progress, and is available to all parents in the Elmira City School District.

The Parent Portal is a module of the Schooltool student information system used by the Elmira City School District, and it allows parents and legal guardians to view their child's class schedule, grades, assignments, attendance record, discipline history, and contact information from nearly any device that can access the Internet.

Return this form to your child's school. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

*Note: You only need to complete one registration form to view all children registered in your care. In order for each child's information to be linked to your account, you must list each child's name, grade and school on the form. 

Once your information has been verified and your account has been created, you will receive a password to access your account sent to your registered email address. Please ensure that you add to your whitelist or allowed senders list in your email client to ensure you receive the email in your inbox.

Parent Portal FAQs

Do I need any special software to use parent portal?

To effectively access your Parent Portal account you will need:

  1. Computer or mobile device with Internet access - A minimum dial-up modem speed of 56Kbs - a slower connection will work but not as well.
  2. The company hosting the Parent Portal recommends using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 or Safari 3.0 or 4.0. Schooltool may still be accessible using unsupported operating systems and browsers (i.e., Firefox), but there is no guarantee functionality, performance, or security if the minimum requirements are not met.
  3. Adobe Reader - This is a free document reader available for download on the web at: There are some reports that require the Adobe Reader to view or print.

How often do I need to fill out the parent portal application?

You only need to fill out the application once to create the account. Younger siblings will become visible on the portal once they become school age and register for school. Accounts are carried over from year to year as long as you do not move out of the district.

What happens if my email address changes?

Please complete the Parent Portal Update Form by clicking on Update Your Email Address at the top of this page. Once your account change has been processed, your parent portal user name will be updated to reflect the new email address as well. You should allow two weeks to be notified at your new email address for the change.

What happens if I forget my userID or password?

Simply enter your email address, with no password, and click the "login" button. You will then be presented with the "Forgot..." link. Just follow that process to have your password emailed.

How often is information updated in parent portal?

Demographic, attendance and discipline information is updated in real time. Scheduling information becomes available on the date the change is scheduled to occur. For assignment information, you may want to contact your child's individual teachers to ask how often they update assignment information. Teachers can be contacted directly through the parent portal by viewing the child's schedule and clicking on the email icon next to the teacher's name.

How do I add/change/correct my personal information including address or telephone number?

Please notify your child's school for any such change of information.

What if the parent portal reflects an incorrect grade for my child?

You will want to contact your child's Guidance Counselor and/or Teacher.