Raptor Data Incident

Raptor Data Incident
Posted on 02/06/2024
Raptor Data IncidentRaptor Technologies Notice

Raptor Technologies, a third-party vendor used by Elmira City School District and many other districts, recently found and disclosed a vulnerability involving certain cloud-hosted data. On January 23, 2024, the Technology Department received notice from Raptor Technologies providing a list of data impacted.

As a customer of Raptor, we were informed of the company’s data incident, and that some of our data was accessible on the Internet and may have been accessed by a single cybersecurity researcher. As Raptor works with its customers to address this situation, the company has informed us that they do not believe the data involved in this incident has been accessed by any other third parties beyond the cybersecurity researcher who discovered the vulnerability.

Raptor has stated, “We have communicated with all Raptor customers. There is no indication at this time that any data was accessed by third parties beyond the cybersecurity researcher and Raptor Technologies personnel. We have no reason to believe that there has been any misuse of this information.”

Working with Raptor Support, we obtained copies of the data to determine what information was publicly accessible. The files that were available were synchronization logs. The logs are not identified as Elmira City School District logs. The logs do contain student names and student ID, staff names and staff ID, and the names of Parents/Guardians (but no other information that links the name to the student or the district). It is important to note that data from the Raptor Visitor Management System (that includes visitor names, Driver License number, etc.) was not included in the incident. The district also did not have any confidential documents publicly accessible like other school districts. The district does not utilize this feature in the Raptor system.

This issue is being investigated by Raptor and Elmira City School District so if anything changes, or Raptor reaches out with new updates, we will share that information with our parents, staff and families.