Four Key Roles families Play

Teachers/Nurturers: This role focuses on the parent's involvement with children's physical, moral, intellectual, emotional and social development. Parents can nurture this development by providing an appropriate environment that promotes learning and develops the skills and values needed to become physically, psychologically and emotionally healthy adults.

Communicators/Advisers: Establishing effective two-way communication between the home and school is this role's focus. In addition, parents must maintain open communication with their children in order to counsel them on personal and educational issues.

Supporters/Learners: Role focuses on parents obtaining skills and knowledge that will assist them with their children's education and social development. In turn, parents can contribute their knowledge and skills to the school by enriching the curriculum and providing services and support to students and teachers.

Collaborators/Decision Makers: In this role, parents participate with school staff and educators to help solve problems, make decisions and develop policies that make the school system more responsive to families.