Improvement and Accountability

Improvement planning is an essential component of the school and district improvement process. In Elmira and encouraged by New York State Education Department, we continually reflect on the effectiveness of our initiatives and determine the most appropriate way to proceed based on our current circumstances.

In New York, any school identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement or Targeted Support and Improvement works with stakeholders to identify its goals for the upcoming school year.

District Comprehensive Improvement Plan

         >>Elmira City School District 2023-2024 District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP).pdf

School Comprehensive Education Plans

         >>Diven Elementary School (.pdf)
         >>Coburn Elementary School (.pdf)
         >>Fassett Elementary School (.pdf)
         >>Beecher Elementary School (.pdf)
         >>Ernie Davis Academy (.pdf)
         >>Elmira High School (.pdf)
         >>Hendy Elementary School (.pdf)