Contact Information

Supervisor of Special Education and Student Support Services: Joyce Carr
Susan Moe : Administrative Assistant, Phone number: 735-3082

Assistant Supervisor of Special Education:
Suzanne Comstock 
CSE chairperson for Riverside Primary, Coburn Intermediate, Broadway Academy, and ECSD BOCES students off campus. 
Phone number: 735-3030

Assistant Supervisor of Special Education: Lea Tryon
CSE chairperson for Pine City Primary, Broadway Elementary, Holy Family Elementary, and Committee on Preschool Special Education.
Phone Number: 735-3051

Assistant Supervisor of Special Education: Sarah Woodward
CSE Chairperson for Elmira High School, Notre Dame High School, Diven Primary, Hendy Primary and BOCES
Phone Number: 735-3033

Assistant Supervisor of Special Education: Rebecca Trank
CSE Chairperson for Fassett Primary, Beecher Intermediate, and Ernie Davis Academy.
Phone Number: 735-3015

CSE chairperson for Finn Academy: Kristen Wilson
Phone number: 735-3026