Voter Information

School Budget Vote and Board Member Election

May 2022. Check back for details.

Polling Locations for Voters

School District voters residing North of Chemung River (including residents of the Lowman area) vote at Ernie Davis Academy located at 933 Hoffman Street.

School District voters residing South of Chemung River (including residents of Golden Glow area) vote at Elmira High School located at 777 S. Main Street.

Questions about Absentee Ballots?
Contact the District Clerk at [email protected]

Who is a Qualified Voter?

• Citizen of the United States;
• 18 Years of Age;
• Resident of State and District for 30 days immediately
preceding the election;
• Must be eligible to vote at any election in accordance
with the provisions of Section 5-106 of the election law.