SchoolTool Mobile App

The Schooltool Mobile App is now available for Elmira City School District parents and students with a Parent Portal or a Student Portal account.

Before you begin

  • You must have a Parent Portal or Student Portal login and password
  • If you don't have a Parent Portal login, go here to register
  • Your login and password must be already set up in Schooltool
  • Password resets must be done using a web browser.

Download the App

Google Play

Download the SchoolTool Mobile App from the Apple Apps Store

  • The app is free
  • You will need a Google Play or App Store account

Logging In

Enter the following information on the login screen



  • Parents - your parent portal email address
  • Students - your network account username


  • Parents - your parent portal password provided to you
  • Students - your network account password

Getting Started Guide

View the Getting Started Guide to learn how to use the Schooltool Mobile app

Getting Started with Schooltool Mobile App