Who to Contact?

School-to-home communication is key to student success. This directory will serve as a guide to help you stay connected to our district employees.

You may email or call your child's teacher, choosing whichever method is more convenient for you. Please be aware that due to their schedules, teachers may not be able to check their email during the school day, or on weekends or school breaks. If a matter is time sensitive, please call the school, and follow up with an email, if necessary. Email should never be used to convey emergency information.  When corresponding by e-mail, please allow two business days for a response.

 Staff Directory  

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Athletics: Zachary Lloyd607-735-3565
Bus Garage: Dispatch Email607-735-3950
Curriculum: Marnie Malone, 607-735-3575
EAP Assistant: Mary Wallis, 607-734-3014
Educational Services: Jay Hillman, 607-735-3039
Facility Use: Bambi Watts, 607-735-3980
Food Service: Kari Crouse, 607-735-3236
Student Services: Derek Almy, 607-735-3581
Personnel: Jake Sheehan, 607-735-3025
Physical Education: Zachary Lloyd607-735-3565
Public Information: Beth Manwaring, 607-735-3091
Pre-Kindergarten: Derek Almy, 607-735-3040
Special Education: Dr. Joyce A. Carr, 607-735-3082
Student Records, General and Special Education Only (inactive records): Mary Clark, 607-735-3995
Student Records, Special Education Only: Marybeth Gronski 607-735-3007
Superintendent: Hillary Austin, 607-735-3010
Tax Collector: Sue Stuart, GST BOCES, 607-795-5333
Technology: Joshua Miller, 607-735-5421
Tutoring and Home Schooling: Jenniffer Thomas, 607-735-3570

Your child's teacher is your best source for information about homework, discipline, grades and other topics related to your child.

Elementary Schools

Beecher Elementary School
Kelley Bacalles, Principal

Broadway Elementary School
Rebecca Kiley , Principal

Coburn Elementary School
Matthew Burch, Principal

Diven Elementary School
Jo Legare, Acting Principal

Fassett Elementary School
Mary Cox , Principal

Hendy Elementary School
Marc Vesci , Principal

Pine City Elementary School
Rhonda Baran , Principal

Riverside Elementary School
Heather Donovan, Principal

Middle School

Ernie Davis Academy
Colin Werfelman, Principal

High SchoolS

Broadway Academy, Grade 9
Carrie Rollins, Principal

Elmira High School, Grades 10-12

Christopher Reger , Principal


Fax: 607.735.3009

Beecher Elementary

Fax: 607.735.3509

Broadway Elementary
Fax: 607.735.3609

Diven Elementary
Fax: 607.735.3709

Fassett Elementary
Fax: 607.735.3909

Hendy Ave Elementary
Fax: 607.735.3759

Coburn Elementary
Fax: 607.735.3659

Pine City Elementary
Fax: 607.735.3809

Riverside Elementary
Fax: 607.735.3859