Safety Plan Public Hearing

In accordance with Education Law, each public school district must develop and annually update a District-Wide Safety Plan. Annually, the District-Wide Safety Plan is to be made available for 30-day public comment, including a public hearing, and then be approved by the Board of Education.

Superintendent, Hillary J. Austin, serves as the District's Chief Emergency Officer.

Notice of School District Public Hearing

2023-2024 District-Wide Safety Plan
Elmira City School District

Annual Public Hearing
Tuesday, August 29, 2023 (past event)
2:00 pm
Community Room of Ernie Davis Academy
933 Hoffman Street, Elmira NY

The draft ECSD 2023-24 District-Wide Safety Plan was available on this page from July 13- August 13, 2023. Comments, questions, or concerns continued to be accepted through August 24, 2023 and can be directed to tmorrell [@]

The Board of Education reviewed and approved the final ECSD 2023-24 District-Wide Safety Plan on August 30, 2023.

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