Upcoming | PINE Summit for Parents

Upcoming | PINE Summit for Parents
Posted on 03/10/2023
Upcoming | PINE Summit for ParentsParent Session: Free for All! Parents are invited to register for a special parents session upcoming on April 28 at Noon for a virtual information session.

PINE for Parents: Strategies to Support Our Kids at Home

Our Express families are invited to join PINE Directors Lauren Hough Williams and Samara Sweig on April 28 at 12 pm ET for this informative session!

This session is free for everyone. A recording will be available to registrants.

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This special presentation, geared towards parents and caregivers, will discuss core mindset shifts that we explore with educators, such as “neurodiversity is part of human diversity,” “behavior is communication, and we need to listen” and “commit to strengths and presume competence.” How are these themes relevant to parents, family members, and the broader community outside the school? In this session, parents will learn more about the PINE program and these core mindset shifts. They will also learn practical ways to implement some tried and true PINE classroom supports at home.

The learning objectives of this session are:

-Learn about the Program for Inclusion and Neurodiversity Education (PINE).

-Explore three core mindset shifts and how they relate to home and school.

-Learn about practical supports oftentimes used in school that can also be used at home.

About Lauren Hough Williams (She/Her)

PINE, Director of Programs

Lauren Hough Williams is an autism and inclusion specialist, but first, she is an educator. She began her career as a special educator for the NYC Department of Educaion before working for more than a decade to define, refine, and expand the NYU ASD Nest Support Project. Her development process includes partnering with the autistic community to shift the paradigm in special education from a focus on deficit to a focus on strengths. From Lauren’s experience working with educators, she has seen that those who know better can do better. She is committed to helping school systems understand the needs of their neurodivergent students so that they can build inclusive classrooms where everyone can thrive.

About Samara Sweig (She/Her)

PINE, Director of Strategy and Operations

Samara Sweig envisions the Program for Inclusion and Neurodiversity Education in schools across the nation. She has working in the nonprofit section for more than 20 years, bringing an intense commitment to developing and elevating programs in order to have a wider reach and deeper impact. Throughout her career, she has worked with a variety of NYC-local, national, and international organizations related to at-risk youth, social justice, and healthcare. Samara also serves as faculty on the Family Advisory Council, at Hassenfeld Childrens’s Hospital at NYU Langone Health, working to improve patient and facmily-centered care initiatives and outcomes.

Accessibility Features

All pre-recorded segments of the session will be open captioned, and closed captioning of the live segments and Q&A can be turned on through Zoom via the caption controls at the bottom of your Zoom screen.

If you are a neurodivergent self-advocate who would like to attend any part of the Summit, please contact us at [email protected].