Stadium Expectations

As we welcome Express fans and visiting guests to our athletic complex, we would like to communicate with you the expectations for guests and students within the facility.

-- Display proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play throughout the game. Remember that as a spectator you represent your school and community. Be respectful and courteous.

-- Spectators are expected to enter and exit through the Ticket Booth gate located at the South end of the stadium.

-- There will be no entry after the start of the 3rd quarter and no re-entry of attendees after halftime.

-- Standing on bleacher walkways, including top of bleachers, bottom of bleachers and emergency ramps is prohibited.

-- No congregating in the corridor beneath the bleachers.

-- All spectators are required to adhere to request of supervising staff. Supervising staff are indicted by a yellow “EXPRESS STAFF” vest.