Wellness for Elmira Staff

Wellness for Elmira Staff
Posted on 11/14/2023
Wellness for Elmira StaffGreetings, Elmira!

In a world filled with quick fixes and artificial solutions, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to enhance our well-being. This edition of the Elmira Express is dedicated to exploring natural methods to boost your immunity. We'll dive into seasonal superfoods that are packed with essential nutrients, uncover the benefits of herbs and spices, and discuss lifestyle practices that support healthy immune system function. Remember, your body has an incredible capacity to heal and defend itself, naturally!

Also in this edition of the Elmira Express, you will find:

• Video overview of how your immune system works (it’s quite fascinating)
• Nutrient-rich fall foods for Immunity
• 22 mouth-watering immune-boosting recipes
• Immune-boosting properties of common herbs and spices
• Key vitamins and minerals for immune health
• The Berkeley Greater Good calendar

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Stay Healthy Elmira!
The ECSD Wellness Committee