The Power of Play

The Power of PLay
Posted on 12/09/2019
Miss Stanton's Pre-K students playing in the snow at Pine CityOur Pine City Pre-k students recently took advantage of the fresh snowfall and spent time playing outside, collaborating, being curious, and enjoying the outdoor air.  Children learn well when they are mentally active, engaged, social, and can make meaningful connections to their lives, which are all characteristics of play.

For our young students, the playground is often the center of their social worlds. It is the place where friendships start, social networks form, and the rigors of the classroom seem far away.

While often dismissed as “just fun,” our educators know that play is the vital activity that children use to learn about and interact with their world.

"I believe in the importance of play for all children. Too many children spend time on screens or being directed by an adult. Play teaches and builds many skills. Children gain independence, creativity, communication skills, problem solving, empathy, as well as large and small motor skills," says Miss Stanton, Pre-K Teacher at Pine City Elementary School.

Play is an important piece of school especially in Pre-k! Our Pine City Pre-K teachers gathered for a book Study last year on the book called " Purposeful Play A Teacher's Guide to Igniting Deep and Joyful Learning Across the Day by Kristine Marz Alison Porcelli, and Cheryl Tyler.

These are all important skills to be a well rounded individual and a member of our community.

Each of our eight elementary buildings in Elmira offer state-of-the-art playground features including age (and size) appropriate equipment that are fit for fun and exercise. Although the winter months in Upstate New York often make it challenging to go outside everyday throughout the school year, we make sure that our students have an opportunity to breathe the fresh air necessary for their developing minds and bodies. You can see from these photos, the cold doesn't keep them from having fun! 

After all, we know that creativity, collaboration, and curiosity in our natural environment fosters an ability to self-direct play and develop new skills on how to connect with others.

Outdoor play is a vital component of our Health and Wellness program.