Notice of Pesticide Application

Notice of Pesticide Application
Posted on 06/22/2021
Notice of Pesticide Application

To: Parents/guardians of students, staff and community members

From: Joe Magliocca, Director of Facilities

Integrated pest management (IPM) procedures such as inspections and monitoring are used to identify conditions contributing to pest problems and to determine when to control pests. One or more pest control methods that would be used as a first response include sanitation, structural repair and other nonchemical methods and, when nontoxic options are unreasonable or have been exhausted, pesticides.

It has been determined, and approved by the Elmira City School District Board of Education via resolution, that an emergency pest situation exists that warrants the use of a pesticide registered by the Environmental Protection Agency on an emergency basis.

This notice, as required by section 409-h of the New York State Education Law, is to advise you that the following pesticides will be used at Ernie Davis Academy:

Common Name Pesticide Trade Name
Manufacturer EPA Registration Number
Imidacloprid Imidacloprid 2F Quali-Pro No. 66222-203

Location of pesticide application: Ernie Davis Academy-Varsity Baseball Field, Varsity Softball Field

Reason for the pesticide application: There is a significant grub population beyond what can normally be managed by traditional turf management and IPM practices resulting in damage to healthy grass creating an unsafe playing surface for student athletes.

Date of Application

1. Friday June 25, 2021
2. *Saturday June 25, 2021
3. *Sunday June 25, 2021

*Delineates rain dates

The following is information from the product label and/or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this pesticide about public safety risks and necessary precautions: Caution. Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. If exposed, seek medical advice/attention. Keep children or pets away from treated area until dry.

A complete copy of both the label and SDS for each product used are kept on file at the Maintenance Shop, and are available by contacting:

Joe Magliocca, Director of Facilities