New! SchoolPay for Cafeteria

New! SchoolPay for Cafeteria
Posted on 09/09/2020
New! SchoolPay for Cafeteria

New Cafeteria Online Payment System

Previously, the Elmira City School District used the PaySchools Online Payment Processing System for its online payment system. As of Fall 2020, this version of PaySchools used by the District is no longer being supported by PaySchools. Therefore, the District has upgraded its online payments to PaySchools’ sister company SchoolPay. SchoolPay is the leading education payment system and is used all over the U.S. by Houston, Seattle, Portland Public Schools, and many others.

With this change, you will be able to:

● Create an account specific to you and your students
● Make payments for all of your students at the district, even if they attend different schools
● Make one-time payments to your student’s lunch account, review cafeteria purchase history, and configure a low balance action to notify you or process an automatic payment when the balance is low
● Store a credit/debit card in your account for later use
● Pay for other school-related items (if made available by the district)
● View a history of all payments made through your SchoolPay account

If you had a previous account through PaySchools, all of your information and your account balance has been transferred over to SchoolPay.

Simply go to to get started!

Multiple parents, guardians, grandparents, etc. are able to create their own SchoolPay accounts for the same student.

Payment data and other sensitive account information is never shared across parent/guardian accounts.

We are excited for you to join SchoolPay and get started making payments in a quicker and easier way. You can call SchoolPay with any questions at 888-886-9729, or email them at