Elmira High School Return to School FAQ

Elmira High School Return to School FAQ
Posted on 08/13/2020
Elmira High School Return to School FAQ

Success! Our Elmira High School staff and families connected via Zoom to interact and discuss the school's reopening plan for Fall 2020. During five live Zoom sessions, our Elmira High School faculty took some great questions from students and parents.

Staff recorded these questions and put them into a helpful FAQ as a resource for families. See the published list of FAQs below.

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Do you have a question that isn't answered? See below at the bottom of this page for contact information.

Will students need to wear masks?

Students will be required to wear masks when they cannot socially distance. They will be socially distanced within their classrooms and may remove their mask when they are seated. When students are moving about the building, they will be required to wear a mask.

What happens if there is a positive COVID-19 case?

If a student does not pass the health screen (temperature over 100 degrees), they will be isolated, and a parent will be called to pick them up. They may not return until they produce a negative COVID-19 test and are symptom free. If a student tests positive for COVID-19 it will be reported to the Department of Health and they will step in with guidance for the district.

When will students receive their schedule?

Students will be able to view their schedule on the parent portal approximately one week before the start of school.

Will students transition throughout the day?

Yes, students will transition once from period 1 to period 2. We have limited transitions throughout the day by offering two classes over 10 weeks rather than the traditional four classes over 20 weeks.

Can a student switch hybrid cohort days?

This will be on a case by case basis. We will do our best as a district to keep households together throughout this school year. Please contact either the high school, or your other children’s principals to arrange any switch following the release of student cohort days.

Will there be Regents Exams?

As of 8/11/2020, New York State has not issued guidance on Regents Exams. If there are Regents Exams in January and June, EHS will offer intensive review sessions during our end of the day enrichment period.

Will the school calendar remain the same?

As of 8/11/2020, the ECSD calendar is accurate.

Where will students eat lunch?

Students will eat lunch in their 1st period classrooms to maintain social distancing.

How will the schedule accommodate science labs?

Each student who is scheduled for a lab science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics) will take that class over a period of 20 weeks (2 terms) to account for state mandated lab time.

Will EHS offer ACE classes?

Yes. All our current ACE offerings will be offered during the 2020-21 school year.

Will there be Express Academy?

To begin the year, Express Academy students will be given the option to Hybrid during the day, or complete virtual learning. They will also have the opportunity to complete instruction on Edgenuity. Please contact the school at 735-3202 to discuss your specific student.

Will there be athletics?

As of 8/11/2020, NYSPHSAA has stated that athletics have been delayed until 9/21/2020. As more information becomes available ECSD will communicate on multiple platforms.

What do I do if my child does not have a device at home?

Those students who own their own device will be encouraged to use it for virtual learning and may also bring it to school for in person instruction, as our student Wi-Fi is active. Of note, the best devices for virtual learning are laptop computers or tablets. Smartphones are not fully compatible with the Schoology platform. EHS will be communicating with families at the end of the summer to schedule device sign out for those families who require a loaner device.

Will BOCES be open?

Yes, BOCES is running 5 days a week for in person instruction. The district is working through a plan for transportation. Students will be able to take 1 class per term at the high school along with their BOCES schedule.
What if I do not have internet?

Please contact the school at 735-3202 and we will work out a plan for your family during virtual learning.

What if I have another question?

Please feel free to call the high school at (607) 735-3202 or email any administrator.

Christopher Reger, Principal

Zachary Lloyd, Assistant Principal zlloyd@elmiracityschools.com

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