Celebrating World Teachers' Day

Celebrating World Teachers' Day
Posted on 10/05/2020
Celebrating World Teachers' DayEspecially during this global health crisis, teachers have shown unwavering support for their students through innovation and creativity. Our students' learning hasn't stopped and it is because of our teachers' commitment to supporting students through even the most challenging times.

Our Elmira teachers are working as hard as they possibly can to make the best out of a tough situation. Here in Elmira and around the world, teachers have worked together with our community to create new learning environments for their students. And are teaching things beyond core academics. Teachers provide social and emotional support to students often through encouragement and love.


About World Teachers' Day

Held annually on 5 October since 1994, World Teachers’ Day commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. This Recommendation sets benchmarks regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers and standards for their initial preparation and further education, recruitment, employment, and teaching and learning conditions. The Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel was adopted in 1997 to complement the 1966 Recommendation by covering teaching and research personnel in higher education.

With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education, and the dedicated target (SDG 4.c) recognizing teachers as key to the achievement of the Education 2030 agenda, WTD has become the occasion to mark progress and reflect on ways to counter the remaining challenges for the promotion of the teaching profession.

World Teachers’ Day is co-convened in partnership with UNICEF, the International Labour Organization and Education International.

Reference: https://en.unesco.org/commemorations/worldteachersday