Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education
Posted on 10/03/2022
Career and Technical EducationTradespeople offer a unique value to our world, and they are in demand.

Teaching students trade work builds new generations of professionals who possess a variety of practical skills and specialized knowledge. These noble contributions are vital to a thriving community.

At GST BOCES, our Elmira students (starting as early as 10th grade), acquire the technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed post-high school graduation. From welding, animal science and construction to automotive technology, early childhood education, nursing and more, students are developing skills they will use throughout their lives.

The program truly prepares students to be career ready, leaving with the certificates necessary to enter the workforce.

“I enjoy a difference education environment – I like a focused classroom – and I enjoy working in the community. BOCES has allowed me to hone into my concentrated interests and deeply learn skills,” says Jacob Miller, Elmira High School student in the BOCES Business school.

Career and technical education programs prepare students for their future by introducing them to workplace skills in a real-world setting. Like Jacob, students are learning skills and professions that are highly marketable and in demand.
To pursue a trade, students must possess the desire, the talent, and the determination to master their chosen skills.

Tenth grade students begin their path with career exploration and by their 11th grade year, students are enrolled in a program that matches their interest.

At the BUSH Campus on Philo Road, our Elmira students are charting their own educational plan with unique learning opportunities. Students can learn everything from fashion and design to criminal justice, early childhood education, cosmetology and more.

If you or your student are the type of person who enjoys working—and learning—with your hands, a career in the trades might be a great choice for you.

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