COVID-19 Case Counter

COVID-19 Case Counter
Posted on 09/28/2020
COVID-19 Case CounterThe Elmira City School District’s focus remains on the health and safety of our school community and we prioritize open and timely communication as part of our planning. As a District, we have a responsibility to our students, staff and community to be as transparent as possible regarding cases of COVID-19 in association with the Elmira City School District.

COVID-19 CASE COUNTER | Elmira City School District

The number of Elmira Express students or employees, known to have tested positive for COVID-19, are aggregated in the table below. Contractors doing business in our school buildings are included in employee figures. *Please Note: Contractors doing business in school buildings are included in employee figures in our school district data. Positive cases of contractors are reported to New York State by their employer and therefore our records will vary.

These figures include only those cases known to the Elmira City School District and do not necessarily include positive cases impacting community members personally.

While there is often interest in knowing about positive cases, the District is obligated to protect the privacy of anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The case counter is updated daily.