A Piece of Elmira History

Sponsored Stadium Seats
Posted on 06/24/2020
Elmira High School stadiumThanks to our community of supporters, we are breaking ground soon on the highly anticipated Elmira High School athletic stadium project. On June 16, the community voted and approved a $68 million Capital Project that includes the new high school stadium, health and safety enhancements, site remediation, technology advancements and innovative instructional upgrades.

As we look ahead to the visions of new construction, we are also reflective of the long history of community support that laid the foundation to where we are today. Our staff and contractors are preserving current sponsored stadium benches with engraved names that supported the stadium project some 20 years ago. Before we begin deconstruction, we want to provide an opportunity for those individuals to collect these sections of stadium. Members of the community who supported the project 20 years ago, at the level that was recognized with an engraved stadium bench, are able to collect their engraved piece of history from Elmira High School. We ask that these supporters please email the District at info@elmiracityschools.com by Friday June 26, 2020 in order to make pick-up arrangements.

Thank you to our community for ongoing support. We can’t wait to celebrate this new chapter under the lights at Elmira High School upon completion!

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