Injuries at School

We work hard to ensure that all students are healthy, and we are vigilant about attending to any health issues. If an injury or illness occurs, we have a well trained team of school health professionals available. The school nurse can't call every parent who comes into the health office. However, if the student is experiencing a serious or repeated health issue, the parents will be contacted.

What Happens When a Student Becomes Ill or Injured at School

Board policy states that all school District staff are responsible for obtaining first aid care for students who are injured or become ill under school supervision. In most instances, first aid should be given, and, if necessary, the parent may be contacted to come to school and transport the student to a family physician. Beyond first aid, the medical care is the responsibility of the parent.

The school District provides first aid care only. We are not able to make a medical diagnosis of what is wrong with a child, nor are we able to provide treatment needed, beyond basic first aid. We cannot and do not provide the same types of care provided in your child's doctor's office or in a hospital's emergency department.

If a student has a problem, the school nursing staff will provide first aid care. For a serious problem, use the phone numbers provided by the parent to reach someone. For a mild or a minor problem, routine first aid care will be given.

We cannot call every parent whose child reports to the nurses' office for minor injury or illness. Some students will be given a written note, which they are instructed to place in their pocket, book bag or backpack and take home to the parent. It is then their responsibility to give this to the parent. We will attempt to reach the parent/guardian in cases of more serious illness or injury, or if there are particular signs or symptoms the parent/guardian needs to watch for at home.

If there is a serious or potentially life-threatening situation, the 911 system will be activated, and/or an ambulance may be called.

Health Insurance When the Injury Happens at School

Many parents have questions about insurance coverage when there is an injury at school or during a school function. If the child has private health insurance coverage, that becomes the primary coverage. If there are additional claim balances after being submitted to the primary coverage, you may call the Elmira City School District's Insurance Office at 607-735-3005 to apply for possible coverage for an incident occurring at school.