Distribution of Information by Outside Agencies

The Elmira City School District allows outside agencies to distribute approved information to students. The District will often accept printed flyers, bundled appropriately (following the guidelines below), to be distributed in our student’s Wednesday folders via classroom teachers. As a community school district, we are always happy to review and consider requests from our many community partners. 

All requests should be submitted to the Public Information Coordinator at least two weeks in advance, and will be reviewed in accordance to the district policy. As indicated in our Community Relations Policy, in the area of “Advertising in the Schools,” we are able to consider requests when submitted at least two weeks in advance of the intended circulation date

A PDF of the item to be distributed must be submitted for approval to the Public Information Coordinator. Once the item is approved, the District will provide current enrollment numbers for distribution. Documents must be bundled in groups of 25 and labeled by school. All bundles for all schools must be delivered to the Administration Building, 430 W. Washington St., Elmira. Individual schools cannot accept flyers from outside agencies.

There is no cost for this service. Please note that individuals, organizations, and groups are limited to three promotional material approvals per school year. The Superintendent may waive this limit on a case-by-case benefit for activities, events, programs, or opportunities with unique educational benefit.

Before submitting a request, please note the following guidelines:

  • All programs must only concern nonpartisan community activities, events, and programs.
  • The purpose of the activity, event, program, or opportunity shall not be for commercial gain (whether primarily, secondarily, or incidentally).
  • All promotional materials must include the following disclaimer: “This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the Elmira City School District.” 
  • A copy of the promotional flyer must be included with your request and should include the previously stated disclaimer.Due to policy, we are unable to consider distributing promotional materials electronically to students.

Please note the following criteria that will be considered during the review process:

  • Is the activity, event, program or opportunity in alignment to school curriculum?
  • Will the activity, event, program, or opportunity enhance a student’s experience in school?
  • What is the educational or social merit of the activity, event, program, or opportunity?

Preparing Your Flyer for Distribution

In the event your request is approved, please follow the guidelines below when preparing/bundling your promotional flyer:

  • Approved flyers will be distributed via the classroom teacher and will be sent home to students via the Wednesday Student Folder
  • The bundled flyers must be dropped off the preceding Friday to the attention of Beth Manwaring, Public Information Coordinator to the district office located at 430 W Washington Street, Washington Avenue School, Elmira NY 14901.
  • Please bundle flyers in quantities of 25 and place a cover sheet on top of each bundle indicating the school name and attention to Beth Manwaring. Current enrollment numbers will be emailed to you in the case your request has been approved.
  • Based on your target audience, you are able to “zone” your distribution and segment your distribution, (i.e. If your program is targeted toward elementary aged school children, then you have the option of only circulating your message to primary buildings).

Submit a Request for Distribution

Email: Beth Manwaring
Public Information Coordinator
Elmira City School District
Phone: 607.735.3091