Brand Guidelines


Elmira City School District (ECSD) has been hard at work refining the look of our digital and print design items district-wide. The ECSD brand revolves around the use of our logo, colors, and typography correctly and consistently. The ECSD brand guidelines show exactly how the logo and its associated elements (i.e., typography, colors, etc.) can be used in a wide variety of situations. This logo should not be used for commercial use without pre-approval from a District official.  All usage of the logo must comply with these guidelines.

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If you have specific questions about usage, please contact:

Beth Manwaring
Public Information Coordinator
Elmira City School District
bmanwaring [@]

Brand elements are the basic building blocks for communicating who we are as a school district. They consist of our "E" logo with the district name. The symbol, illustrated as an E, represents the District's nomenclature, 'The Express.' We are the "Elmira Express," a special identity inspired by Elmira-native, Ernie Davis. >>Learn more about The Express here

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District Logo

ECSD Logos Trademarked

The visual space around the logo plays an important role in defining its visual presence. A defined clear space must always surround the Elmira City School District logo. No other visual element or text should be placed within the minimum clear space. The amount of clear space around the logo should be the same as the height of the “bell” as shown in the logo.

In order to maintain the integrity of the design, please do not separate the components of all logos from each other. We have many variations of the logo and should be used purposefully in varying contexts.

This logo should not be used for commercial use without pre-approval from a District official. 

All of the Elmira City School District images may not be cropped, overprinted, bled or otherwise altered in any way. The ECSD logo must appear in its entirety.


The School District Name

First Mention:
Elmira City School District
Second Mention: ECSD
Alternate: The District

Always capitalize "District" in text and the article "The" is always capped as well....The District...

The ECSD tagline is Family, School, Community: Together We Succeed

The District's tagline describes our commitment to the Community Schools initiative. We are committed to whole-child, whole-community development by removing barriers and delivering support services as a way to achieve academic excellence in an evolving community. The Elmira City School District partners with the community and families to integrate strong instructional programming with student-centered health services, after-school academic enrichment, mentoring, parent engagement, and more. We believe that when all three work together, students will succeed.

The District's believes...

• In connecting young people and their families with the tools they need to learn, grow, and reach their fullest potential.
• In the power of honest, trusting relationships and that individuals can make a difference toward student achievement.
• In reimagining and revitalizing our schools with comprehensive, community-based partnerships in order to build the capacity of schools, school district, and the evolving needs of our community.
• In developing the whole-child by supporting the social and emotional health of our families as a means to academic excellence.

Tone of Voice

The Elmira City School District is an approachable, community school district that works with students, families and organizations across the region. The tone of our communications should reflect an open, conversational approach to better reflect our position as a welcoming and unbiased place to be.

More than just a school district, we are a community hub that offers a wide variety of support services in addition to academic rigor. Every word of copy should reinforce how proud we are of our community of learners, while keeping students as our focus.

Tone and voice should be active, educated, yet informal to signify how our programs and events are constantly changing. We are learning new things every day and seek new opportunities to work with people of all ages to offer programs based upon our academic, social and emotional instruction. When we speak about The District and community -- we are honest, open, proud, and eager to engage with people of all people.

District Fonts

In order to keep all of our digital and printed materials cohesive with the Elmira City School District brand,
we recommend you use the following fonts.

Font Branding Font Body Copy

District Color Palette

Our primary color palette comprises of the traditional Elmira City School District Cardinal Red along with black, variants of grey and white. The secondary palette may also be used for communications, documents, and digital media, but only the primary palette should be used with our "E' Express logo.

Primary Palette

Cardinal Pantone:  1955 C
CMYK: C 0 M 100 Y 43 K 43
RGB: R 139 G 3 B 4
HEX:  #8A1538
Black Pantone: Black C
CMYK: C 75 M 68 Y 67 K 90
RGB: R 0 G 0 B 0
HEX:  #000000
white  Pantone: 11-0601 TCX
C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 0
R 255 G 255 B 255
Grey Pantone: Cool Grey 4C
C 1 M 1 Y 0 K 27
R 184 G 184  B 186

Pantone Swatches: The PMS numbers above are PANTONE+ Color Bridge Uncoated. Please work with your printer to get the best match

Color vs Black vs White: Try to use the color version of the logo at all times. The only time the black color or white color logo should be used is when it is printed and color is not an option.

ECSD has a collection of branded stationery, including letterhead and envelopes, and business cards available for employees to order through the GST BOCES Print Shop. The letterhead can be ordered as printed paper or as a downloadable Word template.  All business cards and stationery must be ordered through the Building Principal or designee, using the Print Shop code and request form. If you need assistance with ordering, please contact the Business Services Office.

Click on the TEMPLATES button below to browse the available stationary, business card and signage templates. If you need assistance with the creation of business cards, please contact the Public Information Office (bmanwaring [@] with the following information:
Name, Title, School, Desk Phone, Cell Phone (Optional), Fax, Email

With questions or new requests, please contact the Public Information Office at ECSD District Administration Offices.


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If you have any questions regarding our Elmira City School District branding guidelines, special requests, or approvals, please contact Public Information Coordinator, Beth Manwaring at bmanwaring [@]