Kelley Bacalles Receives Equity Catalyst Award

Kelley Bacalles Receives Equity Catalyst Award
Posted on 06/20/2022
Kelley Bacalles Receives Equity Catalyst AwardOn Friday, June 17, 2022, the District's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Education Coordinator presented Beecher Principal, Mrs. Kelley Bacalles with the Equity Catalyst Award. The Diversity Award is sponsored by Corning Incorporated and the Office of Racial Equality and Social Unity.

Congratulations Mrs. Bacalles for truly embracing this work and making a difference in the lives of students and staff at Beecher Elementary.

"Kelley Bacalles has an incessant drive to support all members of the Elmira community - students, families, and teachers. She is determined to keep students at the center of teaching and learning; she is passionate about building classroom culture grounded in equity; and she leads by example. I can think of no one more deserving of this award!" (Meagan French, Director of Partnerships, BetterLesson) (District Partner)

"Kelley Bacalles is a remarkable leader who has made student equity her professional obligation. Kelley has made it her mission to ensure all students are provided with what they need to reach their full potential." (Marnie Malone, Supervisor of Academic Excellence)

"Mrs. Bacalles has made a significant positive impact on Beecher Elementary in her time as building principal as evidenced by her strong connections with building staff, students and families and her vision for moving the building forward. Mrs. Bacalles has continually demonstrated her commitment to fostering an environment where all feel welcomed, accepted, and valued members of the school community. She promotes inclusive and equitable practices through both policy decisions, but most importantly through the example and leadership she demonstrates daily. Mrs. Bacalles' genuine thoughtfulness and caring for others has made a lasting impact on the many individuals fortunate enough to have worked with and know her. Above all, Mrs. Bacalles' commitment to Beecher students is unwavering and focused on helping all students not only grow and succeed as learners, but also thrive in all aspects of their lives." (Sonja Jennings, School Counselor, Beecher Elementary)