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The District has submitted our application and our application has been approved.  Hotspots have been shipped to approved applicants.

Program Updates for Applicants

The Elmira City School District has submitted the application with the names and addresses of those who completed the online or paper application and email has been sent to those applicants confirming that they were included in the District application.

5/11/21 Update: Hotspots have been shipped to approved applicants.

Any further updates regarding the ConnectED NY program will be posted here.


Program Description

The Elmira City School District is partnering with the ConnectED NY Program to apply for free internet hotspots and internet service for our students in need of access.  The ConnectED NY program is providing hotspots and data plans to students with unreliable internet service at home. A mobile hotspot provides a secure internet connection for other devices.  Through AT&T, households will be offered unlimited data through June 2022. Internet service may be slowed each month after exceeding a high data usage threshold (50 GB).
  • No payments or financial information is required to apply.  All Elmira City School District students qualify as long as they do not have an existing internet connection, or the existing connection is too slow to accommodate at-home learning.  Applications were due on April 13, 2021.  The program is no longer taking applicants.
  • Upon approval, mobile hotspots will be mailed to student/caregiver homes in May 2021.
  • Hot spots have a CIPA compliant filter on them that will provide:
    • Automatic enforcement of Strict Mode for access to YouTube content.  This mode allows access to YouTube, but restricts content to K-12 appropriate content. 
    • Automatic Safe-Search enforcement for all web searches via Google and Bing
      *This is not the District's Internet content filter and the District has no control over the content being filtered.
  • Applications are submitted for the student in need.  Families with multiple students may apply for a hotspot for each student.

More information about the ConnectED NY Program can be found at:


  • How will students get the hotspots?
  • Hotspots will be mailed directly to student homes. Or, students may choose to pick up at a District-designated location

  • When will students get hotspots?
  • The internet service providers will mail hotspots directly to caregiver addresses specified in the application in May 2021. 

  • What is the cost for students / parents / caregivers?
  • There is no cost for students, parents, or caregivers. As part of their sign-up for the program, parents/caregivers will agree:
    If approved I accept that my student will receive a wireless device and service at no charge in order to facilitate student distance learning. The wireless device is intended for student’s use alone, solely for purposes of the program, and it cannot be sold or transferred to any other person or entity. Internet Service Providers will provide data service solely to facilitate your participation in distance learning; however, if data use is excessive other than in connection with student’s education, the service may be limited, slowed, or terminated without notice. On June 30, 2022, wireless service to the device will be discontinued.

  • What address should parents/caregivers provide? 
  • We ask parents/caregivers to provide the primary address where the hotspot will be used and an address where they will want the mobile hotspot shipped. These may be the same address or they may be different. Or, parents/caregivers may ask to pick up the hotspot at the student's school.
  • What address should we use if the student is split between households?
  • Use the primary residence that the student is at 50% or more of the time unless this address does not receive AT&T service.
  • Does the application materials ask participants for immigration status?
  • No - the ConnectED NY parent / caregiver application and the Application Spreadsheet do not ask for any information pertaining to immigration status. 

  • What if I don't get AT&T service at my primary residence?
  • The Internet Service Providers will verify that they can provide service to the primary residence.  If they cannot provide service to the primary residence, the student may not be provided service if there is no alternative service provider.  We encourage you to sign up in case an alternative service provider can be identified.  It also tells AT&T where service is needed and may encourage a future build-out to provide service at the address. 

  • If I already have Internet Service, can I cancel it and apply for this?
  • Students only qualify if they do not have internet service or the existing connection is too slow to accommodate at-home learning.  The District will attest to the fact that all students who will participate in this program are students in need, meaning they do not have home access to the internet today (as of April 13, 2021) and are unlikely to have the financial resources to acquire that home internet.

  • If we use AT&T, what is the speed of the data plan and how long will it last?
  • The hotspot will be activated upon receipt and will have unlimited data through June 2022. After 50GB on a single device during a 30 day billing cycle, AT&T may temporarily slow (deprioritize) data speeds due to network volumes.

  • Will multiple hotspots be allowed to be issued within one household with multiple students?
  • Each student may receive a hotspot. A household with multiple students may have multiple hotspots. When districts fill out the Address Spreadsheet, that means that there may be duplicate entries (as addresses are not tied to student data in the spreadsheet sent to AT&T).
    When hotspots are shipped, AT&T will return the Address Spreadsheet with identifying information (e.g., IMEI) so the District can identify individual hotspots within one household.

  • Will the hotspot have a CIPA compliant content filter? Are you able to add sites to the filer to block or unblock?
  • Yes, the hotspot will have Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant filtering. No, districts are not able to customize filter settings. 
    To assist K-12 school systems in meeting CIPA compliance, AT&T Enterprise Traffic Protector (ETP) supports:\
    • Automatic enforcement of Strict Mode for access to YouTube content.  This mode allows access to YouTube, but restricts content to K-12 appropriate content. 
    • Automatic Safe-Search enforcement for all web searches via Google and Bing
      ETP supports access to common education tools like Zoom, Schoology, Teams, etc

  • Do students need to return hotspots if they leave the District?
  • No, students will not be required to return hotspots if they leave the District. 

  • Do students need to return hotspots at the end of the program?
  • No, hotspots do not need to be returned.

  • What if a hotspot is broken, lost, or stolen?
  • The Internet Service Provider will provide replacement hotspots when they are notified by the Parent / Caregiver that it has been broken, lost, or stolen.

  • Why is the deadline so short?
  • The deadline has been set by the program sponsor in order to provide the hotspots as quickly as possible.  The District has no control over the deadline.

  • Why is the deadline right after Spring Break? We don't have enough time to complete the application.
  • The deadline was set by the program and the District had no control over the time when the District was approved and when applications are due.  If you need help completing the application, please contact your student's school and they can assist you in completing the application by the deadline.

  • If a student is 18 years of age, do they qualify?
  • Yes - all enrolled students in the Elmira City School District qualify.  If a student is 18 years old and does not live with a parent, the student can sign as the Caregiver of the student.

  • What if I have more questions or need help?
  • If you have questions or need help, please contact the District at  - This address has been set up as the primary email address for questions, concerns, or support for this program.

Thank you to program sponsors:ConnectED Logos