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Demonstrates beat/non-beat motions
Demonstrates steady beat
Explores personal space and experiments with locomotive movements
          Walk, run, march, skip, gallop, hop, jump, tiptoe, pause
Echo imitation using speech, body, and/or classroom instruments
Performs simple spontaneous improvisation



Explore vocally using head voice
Work towards matching pitch in head voice
Tries to sing in tune
Demonstrates knowledge of melodic direction
Sings a simple song
Performs simple spontaneous improvisation



Identifies and responds to accompaniment



Experiences responding to visual and musical cues
Explores call and response/question-answer songs
Experiences simple forms



Explores playing techniques for pitched/unpitched instruments
Explores vocal timbre: whisper, shout, talk, sing
Experiments with soundscapes to accompany literature, poetry or dramatizations



Sings and speaks expressively
Identifies loud and soft
Identifies slow and fast
Demonstrates response to change: tempos, dynamics, pitch, like/unlike
Uses age appropriate descriptors to describe and evaluate musical performances and compositions
Listens and sings as directed to songtales



Performs activities that integrate with the ECSD Curriculum Webs
Demonstrates appropriate audience behavior and performance etiquette


Currently, classroom teachers provide instruction in the Pre-Kindergarten classrooms.

Many Pre-Kindergarten students have not had the experience of working cooperatively with other students in large group settings. These are life skills that are transferred to many school activities. Pre-Kindergarten music classes incorporate many activities to introduce the students to the dynamics of working cooperatively within a group setting. The skills would include but not be limited to:

  • Following directions
  • Taking turns
  • Using listening ears and kind hands
  • Respecting personal space of all participants
  • Playing cooperatively in organized games
  • Maintaining place in circle games
  • Following the leader


Clipart; Mother reading to children

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