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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does school start and end?

School starts at 8:40 am. School ends at 3:10 pm.


How can I get in touch with my child's teacher?

You can call the office and ask to speak to the teacher(s) you're looking for OR you can call your child's counselor and he/she can help connect you.


When can I meet with my child's teachers?

Teachers meet as a team every other day. This time is used for team planning and parent conferences. Call the grade level secretary to make an appointment.

Grade 7: Mrs. Kain, 735-3330


How can I find out what my child's homework is when he/she is absent?

if your child has been absent for three consecutive days, you can call your child's counselor and the teachers will send work to the main office by the end of the day.


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