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The Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) Child
Highlighted Art Concept: Exploration



Currently, classroom teachers are providing Pre-Kindergarten art experiences.

A Pre-K child is mostly focused on him- or herself. For some children, this is the first time they are in a group setting and away from their parents or guardians and sharing is a new idea. Art is a time to explore: What new things will I make today? What materials will the art teacher give us to play with? When I try new things will it squish, twist, or twirl?

Examples of Art Lessons for the Pre-K child:

  1. Using a variety of materials - such as pencils, crayons, chalk, paint, etc. - can you create a picture of something you like very much?
  2. Using clay, can you pinch and shape it into any animal? Let's explore some animals you might like to create by looking at the pictures in this story.
  3. Using lots of found objects, can you make a collage? Does the collage have a rough or smooth texture? How does it feel or look?
  4. Fold a piece of paper in half and drip a few drops of two colors of paint in the center. Fold the paper and rub carefully. Open the paper up and what do you see? Are there some colors you didn't expect to see? What do you think caused this?


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