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The Eighth Grade Student
Highlighted Art Concept: Critique


Stock photo: artist at easel (in shadow)

Typical eighth graders are highly self-conscious, critical of themselves and others, and can be quite a handful during this time of dynamic physical changes.

It is therefore understandable if you think we are a little bit crazy to introduce art criticism at an age when students take everything very personally. Actually, there is no better time to teach them how to give warm and cool comments, and how to show respect and tolerance for the viewpoint of others as part of the discussion into the true meaning of art.


Examples of Art Lessons for the Eighth Grade Student:

  • The Language of Art Criticism:
    (ArtTalk, Glencoe 2005)
    1. Describe: What do you see?
    2. Analyze: How is this work organized?
    3. Interpret: What message does this artwork communicate to you?
    4. Judge or Value: What do you think of the work? Respond using first warm then cool feedback.


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