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The Seventh Grade Student
Highlighted Art Concept: Composition


Wanting to be liked; worrying about how he/she looks; demonstrating interest in exciting experiences; wanting to be treated like an adult. These are just a few of the very complex attributes of a seventh grader. The issues of learning composition are just as complex. Manipulating the Elements of Arts and the Principles of Design can have endless possibilities. A solid middle school art education allows students to use these key components in relating their personal experiences.


Examples of Art Lessons for the Seventh Grade Child:

  1. Designing lessons that incorporate color:
    1. Vocabulary: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors; warm, cool, and neutral colors; shades and tints; complementary, analogous, monochromatic, and harmonious colors; and the colorwheel.
  2. Distinguishing between line, shape, and form in the application of perspective: converging lines (one and two points); size, location, greying colors, overlapping, and more or lesser detail.
  3. Advanced design utilizing form, balance, space, and emphasis. For example: Using positive and/or negative space to explore design; radial balance as an expression of symmetry; manipulating color and size for emphasis.
  4. Compare and contrast real and implied texture.
  5. Identify and apply light and dark in value shifting as an artistic skill.


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