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The Sixth Grade Student
Highlighted Art Concept: Communication and Expression


The sixth grade student is open to new ways of expressing him- or herself. They want to know about art, artists, and their place in society. They are proud to see their own work on display. At this point in a child's art education, we teach about using an artist's tools and materials for the fine-tuning of artistic skills. Students are ready to express ideas both realistically and abstractly.


Examples of Art Lessons for the Sixth Grade Child:

  1. How do tools and materials help students discover new methods of creative expression and communication? Using drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking' and craftsmanship, students study the ideas and tools of major artists and create their own works of art. Students will practice different techniques and experiment with compositional ideas to render their own work.
  2. Students will use a variety of media: paper' clay, wire, wood, plaster, and paper mache, (to name a few), and various applicators such as tempera brushes, watercolor brushes, acrylic brushes (all with different tips - chisel, rounds, flats,, sponges, rollers, ink pens, and wet and dry pastels to create unique and interesting works of art.


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