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Stock photo: hand with pencil drawing on paper


The Fifth Grade Child
Highlighted Art Concept: Creativity


Fifth grade students are the "great designers". They love adding their personal creativity to almost everything. They are enthusiastic about art and can spend a longer period of time focusing on creating art. They know that depending on what colors and materials they choose, they can evoke a "mood" within their artwork. They also understand that carefully chosen symbols and images can give depth and meaning to their art.


Examples of Art Lessons for the Fifth Grade Child:

Clipart: Blue curves


  • Create puzzle-like artwork planned around positive and negative shapes and spaces.
    (Artist: M.C. Escher [1898-1972]
  • Create artist trading cards with a theme.
  • Apply basic animation techniques to create a story-based flipbook.


Fiber Arts/Mixed Media:

  • Origami - Create an expressive paper sculpture with an open or closed form.
  • Create a set of symbols to represent different aspects of time spent at school. (Artist: Ida Kohlmeyer [1912-1997])
  • Create an expressionistic artwork using unexpected proportions and exaggeration to create mood or feeling.





  • Create a foil relief sculpture of a mythical creature in a fantasy location.
    (Artist: Armand Point [1861-1932] The Princess with the Unicorn)



  • Create a photomontage that has a definite theme.


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