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The Third Grade Child
Highlighted Art Concept: Media Technology

Stylus and tablet clipart Knight clipart


Children in third grade love new experiences and trying new things. Third graders can have an enormous amount of computer savvy when given the opportunity. Whether it's bringing the world of art history to the classroom via the Promethean Board or giving children the opportunity to experiment with creating art via specially designed software and/or approved websites, children will come to understand the intersection of technology and the arts.


Examples of Art lessons for the Third Grade child:

  1. Use a paint program to plan for a sculpture. Students can join geometric shapes to create a person that they can use as a "blueprint" for their clay pieces.
  2. Create a digital photo collage showing holiday traditions around the world.
  3. Use a paint program to create the solar system.
  4. Use a paint program to create a geometric shape. Copy and paste to create repeated overlapping shapes.
  5. Using "custom colors" in a paint program to choose primary and secondary colors and create tints and shades for painting.
  6. Using a paint program to create a fantasy land using the airbrush tool; creating lines, dots, and shapes with the tool.
  7. Create a collage of musical instruments and, using a media program, add sound controls.
  8. Scan student artwork and, using a word processing document, type words to go along with their artwork.


Photo Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements


Paint Programs

Kid Pix

Graphic Design Software

Adobe Illustrator


Google Sketch Up

Interactive Art Websites:


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