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Clipart: Puzzle pieces

The First Grade Child
Highlighted Art Concept: Connections


It is important that children see connections in what they are learning. The First Grade child loves learning that is connected to imaginative stories, fantasy, games, dancing, and music. On a broader scale, it is also fun and educationally sound to connect art lessons to their lessons in English language arts, math, science and socials studies. Children see learning as a process and not a set of isolated facts. For this reason, making connections is it vital to understanding how all parts of learning work together.


Examples of Art Lessons for the First Grade Child:

  1. Art and Math
    1. Important common vocabulary: Symmetry, horizontal, vertical, patterns, shapes, corners and sides, picture graphs, rhythmic curving line.
    2. Folding paper and cutting chunks out to create a snowflake.
    3. Identifying shapes in everyday objects.
    4. Horizontal and vertical lines used to create buildings.
  2. Art and ELA
    1. Read stories that tell a story connected to art: Todd's Box by Paula Sullivan leads children to an excellent clay pocket project.
    2. Read stories that can be retold and then scripted by children who in turn design and make their own costumes, props' and painted scenery.
  3. Art and Science
    1. Create landscapes with identified landforms.
    2. Create beautiful flowers while learning all the parts: petal, stem, leaves, etc.
    3. Use products from nature to create art: stones, leaves, nuts, twigs, etc.
  4. Art and Social Studies
    1. Learn about our communities and how to map and draw who and what make up our surroundings.
    2. Who was here before us and how did more people come to live here? What did they bring with them as part of their art and culture?


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